manitoba ATV laws and legislation for off-highway and all-terrain vehicles.


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Province of Manitoba
The use of off highway vehicles within the province of Manitoba is regulated under the Manitoba Off Highway Vehicles Act and the Manitoba Drivers and Vehicles Act. For more information, download a copy of the Manitoba ATV Regulations
Summary of legislation regulating ATV use
Registration Required
All residents of Manitoba are required to register their off highway vehicle and display a valid license plate and registration decal at all times.
Children between the age of 17-18 must have written parental permission in order to register a off highway vehicle.
Non-residents of Manitoba are exempt, however must meet all requirements for operating a off highway vehicle in their home province or state.
Insurance required
All operators must possess a minimum of $200 000 liability insurance to operate off highway vehicles on public lands. Non-resident operators are required to possess valid out-of-province liability insurance of the above minimum amount or to purchase temporary Manitoba liability insurance.
Minimum age
A minimum age to operate a off highway vehicle unrestricted is 16.
Children 14-16 may operate a off highway vehicle only under BOTH of the following conditions;
1) The underage rider is accompanied or directly supervised by an adult 18 years of age or older
2) Has permission of the child’s parents to operate such a off highway vehicle.
Drivers License Required
A valid drivers license is required;
1) to operate an off highway vehicle on the shoulder area of a public roadway or highway.
2) to operate an off highway vehicle that is registerable for operation on public roadways or highways.
Helmet Required
All riders require a DOT approved helmet in order to ride on public or private lands.
Operation of off highway vehicles on private lands requires permission
It is unlawful to operate an off highway vehicle on private land or public land leased to a third party without prior permission of the land owner or lease holder.
Operation on public roadways or highways prohibited
It is unlawful to operate an off highway vehicle on a public highway or roadway, including the shoulder or median area.
An exemption allows operation of an off road vehicle on the shoulder area of a public roadway when the operator is over the age of 16 and holds a valid drivers license.
Required safety equipment for night riding
It is unlawful to operate an off highway vehicle from the times of one half hour before sunset to one hour after sunrise unless the off highway vehicle is equipped with a minimum of one white headlight and a minimum of one rear tail light, which can be viewed from a distance of 60 meters or more.
Muffler Required
All off highway vehicles operating on public or private lands requires a muffler system in good working order, which is equipped with a spark arrestor.
Restrictions on night driving
It is unlawful to operate an off highway vehicle within 30 meters of a private dwelling between the times of 12 midnight and 7am unless the dwelling is on property owned or leased by the owner or is an invited guest.

Please visit our Canadian land use forums for discussions regarding land use and legal issues.

OHV Registration / Permit
All residents of Manitoba are required to register their off-highway vehicles and display valid decals on the vehicle.
Non-residents are exempt provided that they meet all the registration requirements of a off-highway vehicle in their home province or state. All vehicles not meeting these requirements are required to register through Manitoba Public Insurance. For more information, download a copy of the Manitoba ATV Regulations

*** NOTICE ***

This page includes a brief summary of provincial/state laws regulating ATV / Off-highway vehicle use current to April 2012. It is not intended as an absolute reference as laws are subject to change without notice and many potential prohibited acts may be covered by other legislation or statutes. It is recommended that you consult with the latest version of state statutes or provincial legislation.

General prohibited acts that may not be covered by specific OHV legislation include trespassing on private property, unlawful use of OHV on public highways, reckless use of off-highway vehicles, operation of off-highway vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, damage to public or private property or damage to natural habitats or protected areas which are all unlawful in every province and state.

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