I have a huge garage in my acreage south of Clagary on secondary highway 773 which is close to the south access to Mclean Creek or just 8 km off of Highway 22X if you go to the north (Bragg Creek) entrance.
You can store your machines year round or just in the off season, I have 1200 sq.ft. of storage space with another 1000 sq.ft. more coming in the spring of 2014. I am looking rent space to riders who frequent mclean creek. The garage has a 8'X10' sliding door at the back for loading and off loading. No dirt roads. concrete floors and secure. pick up and drop off anytime.
prices start at $50 a month for dirtbikes and go up for bigger machines such as side by sides. pay for six months up front and get a month for free.