Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin's administration is targetting All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) use on public state lands with a pending ban. ATV's are reviled by environmentalists due to the noise and erosion they can cause in sensitive forest ecosystems and have been putting pressure in recent years for an outright ban on public lands. ATV owners argue that there can be a balance where responsible ATV use can co-exist with other recreationals users.

Former Republican Gov. James Douglas' administration had approved limited use of ATVs on state land, despite protests and lobbying from environmental groups, however Democratic Governor Peter Shumlin's administration has been moving to reinstate what had been a ban on recreational uses of the machines on public lands.

ATV's have recently been invaluable tools in aiding with the cleanup of the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, where local residents used ATV to ferry food, water, medicine and residents, especially those in rural areas.