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    Collier County, Florida looking for input for ATV Park

    Sept 28, 2011

    The county of Collier County, Florida is looking to push forward a project for an ATV park which has been promised to local ATV riders for more than seven years. Local riders complain that they have nowhere to ride in the county, pushing many to ride on private lands or public lands which may be wildlife sensitive and disturbed by riders.

    Safety is a concern for both local riders and country officials, citing some recent incidents of accidents and close calls due to mixing of ATV use and recreational usage of lands. Recently local resident Leonard Gelormine and his five year old son Jake were hit by an ATV while fishing and injured, with Jake requiring hospitalization.

    There hasn't been a local designated riding area since 2004, when the South Florida Water Management District took control of land south of Alligator Alley. Seven years ago, the county settled with the district and was paid $3 million for the property where the previous riding area was located. The money was to be used for the construction of a new area, but that didn't happen. The county is now seeking input from locals, many of whom feel that the time is right due to land prices being depressed in the area.

    The ATV Park Site Public Information Meeting will be held September 28, 2011 from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m at the University of Florida Extension Services, 14700 Immokalee Road, in Naples.
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