Province of Newfoundland
*** NOTICE ***
This page includes a brief summary of provincial/state laws regulating ATV / Off-highway vehicle use current to April 2012. It is not intended as an absolute reference as laws are subject to change without notice and many potential prohibited acts may be covered by other legislation or statutes. It is recommended that you consult with the latest version of state statutes or provincial legislation.
General prohibited acts that may not be covered by specific OHV legislation include trespassing on private property, unlawful use of OHV on public highways, reckless use of off-highway vehicles, operation of off-highway vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, damage to public or private property or damage to natural habitats or protected areas which are all unlawful in every province and state.

The operation of off highway vehicles on public lands are regulated in the province of Newfoundland under Chapter M-20 of the Newfoundland Motorized Snow Vehicles and All Terrain Vehicles Act.

For more information, download a copy of the Newfoundland ATV Regulations
Summary of legislation regulating ATV use
Registration Required
All residents of Newfoundland are required to register their off highway vehicles and display a valid license plate and registration decals at all times.

Non-residents are required to register in Newfoundland unless they possess valid OHV registration and valid decals from their home province or state and the duration of use in the province is 30 days or less.
Insurance required
All operators riding on public lands and private lands require a minimum of $200 000 is liability insurance coverage in addition to uninsured vehicle coverage.

Drivers license required
A valid drivers license is required to operate an ATV along or across a public roadway.

Minimum age
A person must be 16 years of age to operate an adult sized ATV. Youth starting at age 14 can operate an ATV with an engine size of of 90cc or less. Youth under the age of 14 are not permitted to operate any size ATV.

Permitted trail uses

Use is permitted only in approved areas. In restricted areas, travel is permitted on approved trails only.

To construct an approved trail, you have to apply to the Department of Environment and Conservation.
Approved trails are marked by signs which are maintained by the individual who was granted the approval.

Helmet required

An operator of an ATV must wear a DOT approved helmet.

Other general prohibitions
It is unlawful to operate an off highway vehicle on private lands or public lands leased to third parties without the prior permission of the land owner or lease holder.

It is generally prohibited to operate an off highway vehicle on a public highway unless it meets all federal safety requirements and meets all the insurance requirements of operating a motor vehicle on public roadways.

Please visit our Canadian land use forums for discussions regarding land use and legal issues.

OHV Registration / Permit

All residents of Newfoundland are required to register their off-highway vehicles and display valid decals on the vehicle.

Non-residents are exempt provided that they possess valid out-of-province registration and decals from their home province or state and the duration of operation in the province is 30 days or less. Operators or vehicles not meeting these requirements are required to register through Service Newfoundland.
For more information on Newfoundland ATV/OHV regulations, please download a copy of the Newfoundland ATV Act